Retail or shop fitout materials, from old fixtures and fittings to unused display units, can be a challenge to dispose of when refurbishing or closing a store. These items are often bulky, difficult to move, and require proper disposal. If you’re in Auckland and need help with retail or shop fitout materials removal and recycling, Junk Run is here to assist.

Junk Run offers a professional service for the collection and disposal of retail or shop fitout materials. Our team will come to your site, efficiently remove all unwanted items, and ensure they’re disposed of responsibly. We handle all types and sizes of materials, providing a stress-free solution for your retail clearout needs.


But at Junk Run, we’re not just about removal. As an Ākina certified business, we’re committed to sustainable practices. We aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible, treating each item we collect as a potential resource. This means your old fitout materials could be repurposed or recycled, contributing to a more sustainable Auckland.

Junk Run Team at a big office move

Our commitment to sustainable practices has earned us recognition as past winners and finalists in the Sustainable Business Network Awards. We’re proud to be creating a more sustainable Auckland, turning waste into valuable resources.


So, if you’re in need of retail or shop fitout materials removal and recycling services in Auckland, contact Junk Run. By choosing us, you’re not just clearing your space, you’re also making a positive impact on our environment. Let’s work together to make your shop clearout a win for you and for our planet.