Are you updating your home and find yourself stuck with old furniture, fridges, or other whiteware that no longer serve a purpose? Looking around, you might see a lounge suite that’s past its prime, a refrigerator that’s been out of action for years, or a washing machine that’s been replaced but not removed. The task of disposing of these large, cumbersome items can feel daunting. But don’t worry, you’re not alone – Junk Run is here to help.


– We pick up any old household furniture items – from mattresses, beds and bedroom furniture to sofas and lounge room items, dining tables and chairs and more.

– Specialising in bulky, hard-to-shift items, we can make your sofa, bed frame, or dining set disappear without hassle.

– We also collect small bits and pieces like artwork, books, toys and kitchenware.

– If items are in reasonable, reusable condition, we do our best to find them a new home within the community, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

We charge based on space taken up in our trucks (in cubic metres – m3). Each truck can take up to 12m3 of unwanted items which is much bigger than your average skip.

Based in Auckland, Junk Run is your local, reliable solution for the removal of unwanted furniture and whiteware. With a solid reputation built over nearly two decades, we’re the team you can trust when it comes to clearing out old items from your home. We handle everything from large scale furniture removal to smaller whiteware clearances, providing a stress-free, hands-off experience for you.


But we’re not just about removal – we’re about responsible disposal too. Junk Run is an Ākina certified business committed to sustainable practices. We believe that your unwanted items have intrinsic value and shouldn’t end up in a landfill without a second thought. That’s why we aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible. Whether it’s repurposing an old fridge or finding a new home for that worn-out sofa, we strive to divert these items from just ending up in landfill.

We’re proud of our commitment to the environment and the community, and our dedication to sustainable practices hasn’t gone unnoticed. As past winners and finalists in the Sustainable Business Network Awards, we’re recognised as leaders in our field.


So, if you’re looking for a reliable, environmentally conscious furniture removal service in Auckland, look no further than Junk Run. Don’t let your old, unwanted items be a burden any longer. Reach out to us today, and together, we can turn your unwanted items into valuable resources supporting needy families, while creating a cleaner, more sustainable Auckland.