Dealing with old, bulky furniture like sofas, tables, and chairs? We’ve got your back. Let our professional team do all the lifting and carrying.


– We specialise in collecting old lounge or dining room furniture items that are being replaced or are no longer needed.

– We pick up all sorts of household furniture, including smaller items like artwork or ornaments.

– If your old furniture is in reasonable reusable condition, we will endeavour to find it a new home by donating them to local charities and community groups.

– If we cannot donate some of your old furniture items due to their condition but their materials are recyclable then we will recycle those items.

Here’s a quick guide to how much space some common items might take up in our trucks (measured in cubic metres – m3):


– Standard 2 seater sofa = around 2m3

– 3 seater sofa: around 2.5m3 (or 3m3 with a chaise)

– Large armchair: usually around 1m3

– Small armchair, side table or ottoman: around 0.5m3

– Dining tables: typically between 1.5m3 and 3m3

– Stackable dining chairs: they take up a lot less space in our trucks than those that can’t be stacked


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