Tired of your old bed or mattress cluttering your space? We are here to help.


– We specialise in collecting old beds and mattresses that are being replaced or are no longer needed.

– Beds usually last about 8-10 years if used every night, and we can help you dispose of them responsibly when it’s time for a change.

– If your items are in a clean reusable condition, we’ll aim to find them a new home by donating them to local community groups and charities.

– If your old bed or mattress cannot be gifted but could be recycled we will deliver it to a suitable recycling centre.

Here’s an idea of how much space old beds and mattresses might occupy in our trucks (measured in cubic metres – m3):


– Single mattress or base: around 0.75m3 each (or 1.5m3 for both)

– Double mattress or base: around 1.0m3 each (or 2m3 for both)

– King mattress or base: around 1.5m3 each (or 3m3 for both)

– Dismantled timber bed frames take up less volume than a hard box base


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