Packaging materials can quickly pile up, especially after a big house or office move or the arrival of new furniture or larger items like TV’s. Cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, foam peanuts polystyrene – these materials can take up a surprising amount of space and can be cumbersome to deal with. But in Auckland, Junk Run is here to help with your packaging materials removal and recycling needs.


At Junk Run, we make the process of removing and recycling packaging materials easy and efficient. Our team will come to your location, gather up all those unwanted packaging materials, and ensure they are disposed of in the most environmentally responsible manner. We handle everything from cardboard and paper to plastic and foam, freeing up your space and saving you a trip to the recycling centre.

What sets Junk Run apart is our commitment to sustainability. As an Ākina certified business, we strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible. We see potential in all materials, including those that others might consider just rubbish. By choosing Junk Run, your packaging materials could be repurposed or recycled, rather than ending up in a landfill.

Our dedication to sustainable business practices has earned us recognition as past winners and finalists in the Sustainable Business Network Awards. We’re proud to be a part of creating a more sustainable Auckland, one collection at a time.


So, if you’re in Auckland and looking for a solution to your packaging materials, reach out to Junk Run. Contact us today and let’s turn your clutter into an opportunity for a cleaner, more sustainable future. With Junk Run, you’re not just clearing your space – you’re making a positive impact on our environment.