Are you overwhelmed with junk in your home or office? Unsure of how to dispose of it in a sustainable way? Look no further than Junk Run, a trusted junk removal service in Auckland. With nearly 20 years of experience, Junk Run specializes in hands-on removal of unwanted items and furniture, ensuring they are either recycled or put back into the community. Our efficient and environmentally conscious service takes care of all sizes of junk removal tasks, from general household items to large amounts of commercial junk. With our dedicated team of Junk Runners and trucks, we handle all the heavy lifting, leaving your space clean and clutter-free. Join us in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future by choosing Junk Run for all your junk removal needs.


Is your garage or spare room overflowing with household junk or old furniture? Are you moving house or downsizing and have things that you no longer need or want? At Junk Run, we understand the struggle of dealing with residential junk. Our team specializes in the hands-on removal of unwanted items from homes in Auckland.


Are you moving offices or upgrading your current office furniture? Don’t let old office furniture and other unwanted junk clutter up your workspace. Junk Run is here to help. We specialize in the removal of old office furniture and provide efficient and professional junk removal services for businesses in Auckland.

What We Collect

We pick up any old junk or furniture items from homes and offices, such as beds, sofas, fridges, desks, chairs, and more. Whether you have bulky items or hard-to-move objects, our team is equipped to handle them. We understand that not all junk can be easily disposed of through skip bins or flexi bins, and that’s where we come in.

Challenges of Junk Removal

Figuring out what to do with old junk or unwanted items can be a challenge. Skip bins and flexi bins don’t always solve the problem, especially when it comes to bulkier items like furniture. Additionally, simply dumping junk into landfill is not a sustainable or environmentally friendly solution.

But at Junk Run, we have the solution. We specialize in hands-on removal of unwanted junk and old furniture items, and we prioritize sustainability in our services. For nearly two decades, we have been perfecting our junk removal techniques to provide you with smart and sustainable solutions that you can trust.

Smart Sustainable Solutions

When it comes to junk removal, we believe in doing the right thing and not letting your unwanted items go to waste. Our team at Junk Run understands the importance of sustainability and community impact. We work hard to ensure that your junk doesn’t end up in landfill.

We have established partnerships with Auckland community groups, recyclers, and repairers to give a second life to as many things as possible. In fact, 70% of the items we collect are either re-homed or recycled. By choosing Junk Run, you are actively contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Why Choose Junk Run?

Junk Run is committed to making a difference in Auckland, one piece of junk at a time. Our team is dedicated to providing an efficient, friendly, and environmentally conscious service. We handle all sizes of junk removal tasks, so you don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting. We take care of everything, leaving your space clean and clutter-free.

Reliable and Professional Service

With nearly 20 years of experience operating in Auckland, Junk Run is a reliable choice for junk removal. Our teams are trained to handle bulky and difficult-to-move items, ensuring a smooth and efficient service for your home or business. We take pride in delivering a hassle-free and professional experience to our customers.

All Types and Amounts of Junk

At Junk Run, we collect all types and amounts of junk. Whether it’s general household items or old office furniture, our fleet of trucks can handle even the biggest piles of junk. No job is too big or too small for our team. We are equipped to handle any junk removal task you have, providing a comprehensive solution for all your needs.

2 x Junk Runners and a Truck

When you choose Junk Run, you won’t have to lift a finger. We send out a team of two or more junk runners with every job. Our team will handle all the heavy lifting and removal of junk, ensuring a seamless experience for you. We even take care of cleaning up afterwards, leaving your space tidy and clutter-free.

Certifications and Awards

Junk Run takes pride in being fully certified and licensed. We are registered waste operators with Auckland Council and adhere to all regulations and guidelines. Our team is Prequal/Impac 5 star Health and Safety rated, ensuring that all junk removal tasks are performed in a safe and secure manner. We are also Akina certified, Site Safe members, Sustainable Business Network members, and award winners for our commitment to sustainability and excellence in our services.

With Junk Run, you can trust that your junk removal needs will be met with professionalism, reliability, and a focus on sustainability. Let us help you clear out your unwanted items while making a positive impact on the environment and the community. Choose Junk Run for all your junk removal needs in Auckland.

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